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The Latest Addition

This guy really loves music. And he really loves those old Mono recordings. Seems they have a lot more punch on the stereo! Is that ironic, playing mono on a stereo to hear only one channel in stereo?

New Things Just Added

A Pop-Up Card

A Swim School Pop-Up Card

Check out the graphics for this pop-up card.

Children's Book

Childrens Book by The CoolSeagull

"WHAT MAKES HANAH HAPPY?" More Dave graphic style on display.

Banner for Airplane Modification Company

Ikhana Design, Build, Fly Banner

A very detailed sign for industry shows.

Brochure to promote New Airplane

RWMI DHC-6-300HG Brochure

Good Just Got Better

Dave Jacquith

A Unique Graphic Style for:

  • Logo Design
  • Illustrations
  • Cool Lettering
  • Print
  • Cartoon

All those years add up.

Experience. Working on hundreds of graphic design and logo design projects for a variety of clients in Victoria, BC will do that over time.

That ol' seagull has a lot of bright ideas.

And they keep coming. 

Let's see what your project would look like with the unique stylistic Cool Seagull point of view!

The Portfolio

Dave's Design Process

How Does A Logo Become A Logo


How does that become this?

Working Together With A Client


You have to keep going until you hit the mark.

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